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We offer a range of services to offer you a hassle-free all inclusive package.

Shed Floors

Shed's Grey Concrete Floor

We make smooth and flat concrete Shed Slabs and Shed Floors to your shed builder's specifications. Our service including site preparation, compaction, digging footings, steel mesh reinforcement delivery and plastic underlay installation to prevent moisture ingress.

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Exposed aggregate driveway.

We create, replace, extend and widen concrete driveways in a variety of colours and styles. We design the driveway ensuring enough turning room, smooth slopes to prevent scraping and proper drainage to prevent flooding. Our quotes include steel mesh reinforcement as standard which makes the concrete stronger and long lasting. We also install grates and soakwells as needed. Whether you prefer concrete, coloured concrete, exposed aggregate or liquid limestone, we'll ensure high quality and attractive result!

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Concrete Crossover

We install, relocate and widen concrete crossovers that comply with shire standards. With our own Bobcat & Truck we can remove your existing crossover, prepare the site and level your verge. We compact the site, reinstate kerbing and backfill the edges of the crossover. We even install concrete drainage pipes and construct head walls. We'll leave the crossover clearly marked in order to prevent any accidental damage.

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Verandah Floor in Grey Concrete

If you want to enhance your outdoor living space, you can trust us to provide quality concrete for your patio, alfresco and verandah areas. Concrete is a durable and attractive material that will prevent dirt and grass from entering your home and make your entertaining area easy to clean and enjoyable to use.

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Liquid Limestone Pathway

We can install footpaths and stairs to make getting around easier, cleaner and safer. Concrete paths help to prevent ants and weeds and remove trip hazards.

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And more

Horse Stall's Concrete Floor

Even horse stalls are no problem. Whatever your needs, give us a call to discuss your needs.

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Coloured Concrete

Peach coloured concrete crossover on a slope

If you want to enhance the appearance of your home, you can consider adding UV resistant colour pigments to your concrete mix. These pigments can create vibrant and lasting colours that will not fade under the sun. You can choose from a wide range of colours to suit your personal taste and style. Adding colour pigments to your concrete mix is a simple and cost-effective way to compliment your home and make it stand out (Head to our Resources page for colour charts).

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Exposed Aggregate

Special mix exposed aggregate concrete.

Exposed aggregate is a popular choice for concrete surfaces. It involves removing the top layer of cement to expose the underlying stones. This creates a textured surface that is slip-resistant and visually appealing. Exposed aggregate can be customized with different colours and types of stones to suit any design preference. We complete the process by acid washing, pressure cleaning and sealing the exposed aggregate with a high-quality Australian made gloss sealer which makes the stones sparkle. It is an ideal option for your new driveway.

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Honed Concrete

Honed concrete with high gloss sealer

Honed concrete, also known as polished concrete, is a great way to achieve a premium modern look for your home. It involves grinding the surface layer of the concrete with a machine to expose the aggregate stones. The result is a smooth and pleasant surface that still has enough traction for wet areas like pools, paths, patios and alfresco spaces. You can choose from a variety of colours and mixes to create a stunning visual effect, completed with a high quality Australian made gloss sealer.

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Liquid Limestone

Liquid limestone with saw cut style grooves

Liquid limestone is a timeless classic that is always in fashion. It's stylish, versatile and best of all, it stays cooler under your feet in summer! This makes it the perfect choice that you and your family will appreciate in our hot Perth climate. Available with galvanized steel mesh reinforcement, finished in a variety of styles and applied with a quality limestone sealer.

Options Available

SL53 Steel Mesh stacked.

There are a range of options and services such as steel mesh reinforcement, line cutting patterns, bush removal, tree stump grinding, high pressure water cleaning, acid washing and sealing. We can also install drainage grates, soakwells, plumbing to downpipes, concrete drainage pipes and headwalls. We can even install underground water storage to collect rainwater for reuse in your garden. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

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Want to know more?

?Want to know more about concrete? How long does it take? Which sealer to use? What about cracking and concrete curing? Detailed answers to these questions and more can be found in the FAQ section.


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Why Concrete?

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Custom crafted to your needs and wishes, concrete improves your standard of living and house value. And it looks great!